Monday, March 23, 2009

Still Jumpin'

By the end of the day I had started to feel the DOMS from yesterday's workout, so I decided to go with a high-low workout today. I have a vintage Christi Taylor workout from her Just For Fun series, called Still Jumpin'. The entire thing is about 65 minutes long, counting the warmup, cooldown, and stretch. There are 2 routines, but I only did the first one, plus the cooldown combination and stretch. It's a lot of fun! I had it in VHS and got it reformatted onto DVD because it's such a great workout with really fun choreography. The soundtrack seems to be all 70's and 80's pop (Then Came You, Rhythm is Gonna Get You, Love Lifted Us Up, Still the One).

As I mentioned, Christi's choreography is pretty innovative with a lot of her own moves (lunge-switch with a twist, down up and away, jogging boxstep, hip-hip, hopscotch, and kick the corner, for example) and fewer "standard" moves like grapevines, chausees, and shuffle-ball changes. My only criticism is that there are just WAY too many hamstring curls in part one, and a fairly tedious section of repeated grapevines where you kind of do chest flies with your arms and cross them at the wrists about 100 times. But it's really mostly a lot of fun, dancy choreography.

I will say I don't care for the way Christi cues. She cues the moves 2 beats in advance, so instead of cueing what you're supposed to be doing NOW, she's telling you what you're gonna do NEXT. Some people prefer that, but I find it confusing, especially when I'm trying to learn new choreography.

Once again, this formerly "Easy Day" workout kicked my out-of-shape posterior. I had to stop between each of the 4 combinations for a 2-minute break water and air break. My HRM says I burned 450 calories, not too shabby for only half a workout. I also had to stop halfway through to stretch my calves and soleus muscles. My rate of perceived exertion: ghastly, though perhaps a bit better than yesterday.

I am sure there will be pain tomorrow! I felt muscles today I had forgotten I had, LOL!
My plan is to take a long walk tomorrow instead of doing a workout, to give the muscles some recovery time. I definitely do not want to get injured right now!

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